Bloom to Fade

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  2. Flowers Bloom and Fade Away
  3. Bromeliad Flower: How To Remove Fading Flowers On Bromeliads
  4. Blooming flowers fade away

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Sign In. Select a Currency loading Art Artist. View Fullscreen. Add to Favorites. Keywords: painting conceptual work on paper abstract floral. Subjects: Abstract.

Flowers Bloom and Fade Away

Mediums: Oil Enamel Acrylic. Materials: Paper. Original Prints Bloom Fade 2. Ships in a Box.

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Bromeliad Flower: How To Remove Fading Flowers On Bromeliads

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    Blooming flowers fade away

    August Moon. Blue Cadet. Blue Mammoth. Saga of the Blue Mammoth: Part I. Dancing Queen. Dew Drop. Emerald City Chick. Ginko Craig. Golden Tiara. His Honor. Are you looking for simply wilt or wither? Then yes, you want fade which is idiomatic , or wilt , or wither stronger, usually due to some external force , or some idiom like the bloom is off the rose.

    You can use these words as jumping-off points in a thesaurus search. You might find this article on a specific Japanese concept inform your search: en. Lion Lion One good verb for this is wither : of plants etc to cause to fade, dry up, or decay. Laurel Laurel Since I can't comment, I will suggest these: retreat crumple Examples: The orchid retreated in the harsh cold.

    Winx Club -- Dark Bloom - Fade Away *re-upload*

    Mushroom Man Mushroom Man 6 6 bronze badges. Since we consider plants to be sessile, retreat is inapt. Crumple includes the sense of being crushed, which isn't necessary for faded flowers. Do you have examples of these two words used in the context of flowers no longer in bloom? Retreat may be used metaphorically to describe the behavior of flower going through a reverse process of blooming, instead of just being unbloomed.

    I used crumple more to compare an unblooming flower to crumpling paper, being that both of those objects are thin and relatively fragile, and the action of crumpling to describe how a flower may fold or curl up. I understand all that. You "may" use whatever you want in metaphoric and descriptive speech.