Fate and The Exorcist: An In-depth Interview with William Peter Blatty

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Or this link. So Future Brian, in case you forget, search for this post! The Cemetery Dance warehouse has just been slammed with a 35 title project that will probably end up devouring all of April, but they are shipping regular orders every day. For those who ordered the signed and remarqued copies, those are already making their way around the country and will hopefully be ready to ship by the end of next month.

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Twenty years spent living in the shadow of something they did in high school, an event that forever defined them in the minds of everyone in their small town. Before too long supplies will be running low and the Lightning Five will have to make some hard choices… like who gets to live and who has to die. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

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Here is a preview of the color artwork Vincent Chong has created for the Cemetery Dance edition of this very special book:. Freeman brings the five men to life, each a distinct individual, each coping in his own way with what occurred on that summer day when they were eighteen. So when the story veers off into unexpected territory, the reader has an emotional investment in the characters. This brings added depth to the events that follow.

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Purchase the Trade Paperback: Amazon. Purchase the eBook: Amazon. To paraphrase:. Cemetery Dance Publications will publish a hardcover edition of the title on July Considered something of a prequel to his apocalyptic epic The Stand, it was written in when King was a student at the University of Maine. It appeared in literary magazines while he was in college, but has never before been published for the general public.

There was a very specific rhythm to the poem that we wanted to convey through the blending of the text and the artwork, and Chadbourne skillfully used his illustrations to create a kind of mixed media story. Feedback from early readers has been fantastic, with some saying they never expected a poem to make their heart race with terror and horror the way the ending of The Dark Man does. I am very disappointed. Can you go back to the black cover with the red writing, anything would be better than what you have on the website.

Many collectors consider it to be one of the more popular special editions Lonely Road Books has published yet. Last year I interviewed Joe Konrath , but somehow that interview never got posted. Most of this is still very relevant, but keep in mind that a lot can change in a year. I received more than rejections. Seriously, how did you do it? I was also determined to succeed. Watch to see how many authors they sign in I believe ads are a mistake. So are postcards, give-aways, contests, and book trailers. Think about the last book you bought. Why did you buy it?

Figure that out, and use that strategy. Real scary. When Cemetery Dance Publications managing editor Brian James Freeman sat down with William Peter Blatty for a quick interview, he already knew the New York Times bestselling author of The Exorcist, Legion, The Ninth Configuration, Elsewhere, and many other acclaimed novels was a fascinating person, as well as one of our most acclaimed writers of the last fifty years. What started as a simple interview turned into a 10, word career-spanning discussion that touches on just about every project Blatty has ever conceived.

The Author Says You're Wrong.

Also pictured is the interoffice proof that is not for review or distribution — it was produced before we had the final cover artwork and was solely meant to give us a better feel for how the final book would look when printed, so we could adjust the pages and artwork as needed. Or do you just shrug these off for both?

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Guess what? We have a few of those. For my writing, again, I look at the source and I try to learn anything I can that will make the next story better if there is something to be learned.

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Too damn cool! In fact, Blatty has 15 or so titles to his name, many of which also enjoyed some kind of small or big-screen adaptation at some point. Hell, the dude got his start writing creepily comedic Blake Edwards whodunits in the 60s, and continued as script doctor often uncredited on a number of flicks. Blatty deserves as much credit, if not more, than even Bill Friedkin and the wonderful stable of actors for conceiving such a human yet inherently evil narrative that's been haunting us for over 4 decades!

Indeed, it's as if true evil somehow permeated the celluloid, where it's lived, festered and grown more sinister with each passing year. There's an intangibility to the film, hard to articulate, as if it knows more than you do, and that no matter how righteous or virtuous you think you might be, Pazuzu is keeping a close eye on your every move. And judging you. At its ugliest and most difficult - when Regan is under the vilest possession - it feels like we're watching something we most certainly should not be In watching this poor little girl struggle with possession, at some point it's us, the audience, that not only becomes complicit, but we're the ones possessed in the end.

Adapted by Blatty from his own novel, there was an inherent understanding of the material, what needed to be translated to the film, and what overarching themes needed to be addressed in so doing. There was nothing lost in translation like we've seen many times from screenwriters adapting other novelists.

The focus was narrow. Of course, beyond that, I think what makes THE EXORCIST so scarifying isn't the barrage of evil imagery late in the film, it's the human development working as counterpoint prior to all that puking and levitating going down. This is a well told human drama, one that happens to be about a little girl's eternally damned soul and spirit. It isn't beholden to tired and trampled horror movie tropes, because Blatty and Friedkin were less interested in that then telling a compelling story in the most credible way possible.

But you can definitely feel it seeping into your bones and curdling you blood when watching it, can't you?! Adapted from his own novel, LEGION, Blatty took on more of a iconographic religious-slasher flick than an out-and-out possession piece, a choice that ultimately breathed new life into a franchise marred by its second leg. The story is deftly woven, the violence is graphic and grisly, and the acting is top-shelf.

George C. Is the flick as good as the original? We can't tell you how damn refreshing it is to say that, if Blatty has an inferior piece of work out there, it's eluded us entirely. No, the real reason we can't cite a poor showing is because there is none. Clearly, when a dude has a focused 15 writing credits over the course of a 53 year career, it's safe to say "quality over quantity" is the credo Blatty lived by. And in the work shows. Check those flicks out if you can, there certainly worth it, if for no other reason to see how far Blatty has come, and where his mindstate was prior to penning the novel that would, for lack of a better phrase, shock the entire world.

Has to be religion. The clergy.

Author, Teacher

The ecumenical creed. The subject is obviously front and center in THE EXORCIST, focusing on two diametrically opposed priests adhering to their own moral fibers while trying desperately to rid a poor girl's soul of the foulest and ugliest demonic possession of all time. But it's a recurring theme found throughout most of Blatty's work.

You really get the sense that this is what matters most to Blatty in terms of storytelling All we know is this The result? Well, do so if you've not, as it's considered by Blatty as an unofficial sequel to his Oscar winning predecessor. Cutshaw is the same astronaut whom Regan warns "You're gonna die up there" in 'The Exorcist'. AWOL soldiers, administers a skein of unconventional rehabilitation methods in order to get the men back in their right minds.

Thing is, Kane is also a deeply disturbed man in his own way, and through his methods he allows his patients to live out their darkest and most daring fantasies It's a difficult film, a challenging one, but one that rewards your patience after multiple viewings. There's always new discoveries to be made, which is the sign of dense and richly textured film.

Kermode Uncut: William Peter Blatty

But really, it is that cast We mentioned it up top, time to reiterate it now. We've followed suit with the decision to review the show, the pilot episode of which you can check out HERE.