The Super Secret Mystery (Cinderella Smith)

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Cinderella Smith | Kirkus Reviews

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Stephanie Barden Biography In between tripping over abandoned shoes, chasing after escaped pets, and searching for lost belongings, Stephanie Barden wrote her first book, Cinderella Smith , which was followed by Cinderella Smith: The More the Merrier. Other Booksellers The broadest selection of online bookstores.

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  8. When the reward for winning the school spelling bee getting to choose the theme for a class party is announced, the gauntlet is thrown. Cinderella is back and as irrepressible as ever.

    Cinderella Smith

    The third-grade spelling bee is next week, and the winner gets to plan a class party, so she and BFF Erin spend a lot of free time quizzing each other. The sequel to Cinderella Smith has a retro feel—teachers wait with students for carpool, the girls walk to school—that still melds easily with contemporary problems like bullying and tests. The third book in the series:. Cinderella Smith, shoe-losing third-grader, is back, now facing the challenges of a research project. Third-grade is the year when some kids the Rosemarys, in this case appoint themselves too old for childish things, while others Cinderella and her posse are still happy to jump and hop and slither when the zoo docent instructs them to.

    It's hard to know what to do if you are Cinderella Smith. When the class is assigned a research project on animals, the children decide they want to shock and amaze their classmates. This turns out to be harder than they thought. Cinderella wants to study ocelots, but the books she needs mysteriously disappear from the library.

    She and her friends, the self-named Group in Cahoots, come up with a cooperative way to shock and amaze everyone, even the Rosemarys. Fans of this series will appreciate the subtle changes that happen in these sunny stories: The boys and girls are growing up and noticing each other in different ways-they solve problems and forgive each other, even when the Rosemarys conspire to ruin things.

    Can Cinderella and Erin solve the capitalP problems in time? In a clever slice-of-life novel, first-time author Barden humorously depicts the woes of Josephine-Kathryn "Cinderella" Smith, a girl who got her nickname not because she sleeps by an "ashy fireplace" or has an evil stepmother "She's just a regular kind of mom who is usually nice but kind of strict".

    Rather, it's because she has trouble keeping track of her shoes: Cinderella has lost countless number of them. Her immediate concern is finding the mate to her "shiny, ruby red" tap shoe, so she can perform a solo in the upcoming dance recital. Her nemesis, snooty Rosemary T. Relatable situations paired with rising suspense from the missing shoe mystery provide a brand of entertainment likely to please even reluctant readers.

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